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Annette Gill’s Biography

Like the ladies in The Dayporch, Annette B. Gill is rebelling. “I just can’t write another bio for a playbill. I’ve been acting since the ninth grade and at this stage of life writing a recitation of past achievements feels like composing a rough draft of my obituary.

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Actors are not always cast and sometimes, even when cast, they don’t get to perform. Rather than tell you what roles I did play, I’ve decided to tell you about a plum role for which I was cast, but I did not get to perform. I was a sophomore in a parochial high school in Charleston, S.C. and one of the city’s two television stations had a locally produced afternoon show for children. I auditioned and was cast as Mona the Mermaid. Mona was to be a reoccurring special weekly segment. As Mona the Mermaid, I would come on board Captain what’s-his-name’s boat (my senior memory cannot remember the captain’s name) and tell stories. Funding for the project did not come through and countless children suffer till this day having missed Mona the Mermaid’s story telling feature. That’s all I have to say in my bio. Support the arts!”

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