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Kara Curl’s Biography

Always delighted to return to the Storefront stage, Kara Curl has enjoyed innumerable experiences in the theater since the age of three. With a wonderful family, she receives the unending support and encouragement that gives her the inspiration to follow her dreams every day.

The Storefront Theatre is a readers theater performance venue working together to change our community through the delight of humorous, dramatic, emotional and impactful stories written and performed by local actors and playwrights. 

With a deep-rooted love for all forms of creative expression, Kara is pursuing an education in photography from the esteemed Photographic Technology program at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC. She would like to thank Judy, her family and friends, and her instructors who all continuously show her the true meaning of passion, dedication, and the “light” of life!

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