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Matthew Corbett’s Biography

Matthew Corbett has been performing locally since 1979 with such companies as Theatre Charlotte, CPCC, Golden Circle Theatre, Barebones Theatre, Collaborative Arts, Charlottes Shakespeare, Actor’s Theatre, Queen City Theatre and C.A.S.T.

The Storefront Theatre is a readers theater performance venue working together to change our community through the delight of humorous, dramatic, emotional and impactful stories written and performed by local actors and playwrights. 

He has toured nationally with children’s theatre and sung with Opera Carolina. This is Matthew’s second venture with Storefront Theatre, having appeared in Retrieving the Lamb last year. Originally from Mississippi, Matthew was attending the University of Missouri when his family relocated to Charlotte. He found the local arts community to be welcoming and decided to stick around for a while. Matthew wants to thank you for being here today and supporting the local arts scene-what a great way to spend some time together!

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