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What an exciting time for The Storefront Theatre! We are beginning our 10th season. That’s quite a milestone for us and as we reach it, we thank everyone who has faithfully attended the shows, made generous donations, and invited friends and neighbors to participate too. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you remember hilarious comedies like Over the River and Through the Woods and Tweaks – not to mention our most recent The Fox on the Fairway which had many of you ROFL. You remember powerful dramas – God’s Man in Texas, Benedictions and others. Those who saw Shotgun and Mold were deeply moved by the insight into real-life events. And of course, We Like Short-Shorts, our international festival of 10-minute plays, is in its 5th year. Our new season, opening September 17 and 18, will be just as entertaining, uplifting, and moving as our previous ones. We can’t wait to see all of our old friends again, and we look forward to welcoming new friends into the experience of The Storefront Theatre.

A poster for each of the shows we presented to you in the 2015-2016 Season is just below. Click on each one for descriptions.

  • I was impressed not only with the quality of the performace, but with the professionalism, camaraderie and respect that the actors had for each other and for me.
    Dawn DeAnna Wilson, playwright, Jesu of Fondue
  • ...a gem...where words sparkle...and still matter.
    Roger Durrett, actor and patron
  • I am living in each play. I am able to see [the character's] homes, yards, and apartments.
    Pat Kitto, audience member
  • ...wonderful and entertaining while building the audience's imagination page by page.
    Beth Pesakoff, actor

Amazing Performers

Here are some of the talented performers who entertained and inspired you this season.

  • Each year has brought great talent, outstanding plays and more fun for us.
    Al and Hazel Starnes, supporters and audience members.
  • The focus...is immediate - to honor the writer's words, tell the story, find the truth in the characters, and include the audience as the other all important scene partner.
    Dennis Delamar, actor.
  • Storefront Theatre gives audiences the intimate and novel feeling of hearing a great story being told while experiencing the facial expressions and chemistry among the actors and the characters they embody.
    Dennis Delamar, actor
  • ...a gem of a theater where you can see some of the best actors in the region at about the price of a movie ticket.
    Kay Starnes, audience member

Splendid events

We are always up to something at The Storefront Theatre.
Keep checking right here. There are lots of fun events in the making.

  • I've worked as an actor in several Storefront productions and loved the experience every time!
    Shon Wilson, Los Angeles, CA
  • It amazes me how engaging a work can still be without props, sets, and costumes. Audiences wind up really listening. And they find something worthy of that skill every time.
    Roger Durrett, actor and audience member
  • The Storefront Theatre is one of "Waxhaw's Best Kept Secrets" but our mission is to spread the word so everyone knows.
    Devoted Storefront Theatre Fans, Aliene and Franklin Sparkman
  • I'm now living in Los Angeles and am in the process of starting my own readers theatre patterned off of [this] very successful company.
    Shon Wilson, Los Angeles, CA

Passionate Production Ensemble

The Storefront Theatre was founded by Judy Simpson Cook who is the Artistic/Executive Director but she doesn’t do it alone. Also pictured here are some of the very interesting and talented people who participate as board members or stagehands or technical staff.